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Sutherland Shire Child Photography  


Children are so much fun to photograph, with so much enthusiasm and boundless energy. They make us laugh with their silly, fun zest for life.

However, our Children grow up so fast! Before we know it they will be grown up with families of their own. Don't forget to capture these special moments before time passes you by.


Creating a chronicle of the early years of your family's life is a priceless gift you are gifting not just to your children but your children's children! Choosing the right photographer is vital. If you are investing your time and money into professional child photography session, getting high-quality results is foremost in importance.


I pay attention to the little details and quirks that make your little one laugh and smile.

my pre-consultation questionnaire has lots of questions about your child, allowing a greater understanding of your children. I draw out the true essence of my subjects reflecting it in a beautifully artistic form.

I am a creative, kind, understanding and artistic photographer and this makes me an extremely popular child photographer in Sydney.


Preparing for your child photography session

  • Keep clothing as simple as possible, Keeping it simple prevents your photos dating too soon.


  • Get your child excited! Strangers and cameras can be intimidating to little kids, a bit of encouragement beforehand can go a long way. A happy child is a happy photo!


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