Miranda Baby Photographer

Sitter Sittings

- 6 to 11 months baby photoshoot

Sitter Sittings is when your baby is sitting up on their own, normally 6 months to 11 months of age.

Sitter sittings are a great chance to capture gorgeous moments of your baby's life, sitting smiling and giggling. These moments are ideal to get  professional photographs  


If you missed a newborn session the next best age for baby photos is between 6 and 11 months when they are sitting up. A great age to capture your little one's personality and smiles

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6 Month to 11 Month  Miranda Baby Photographer


Such a beautiful bubbly time in your baby's life, when your baby is sitting up independently. There are just so many tremendous features to photograph in babies at this time in their lives. These moments are full of giggles and smiles and are perfect for your sitting. 


Preparing for your sitter baby photoshoot


  • Choosing a time of day in your baby's routine that they are well fed and rested is ideal.


  • Bring a favourite toy if you like, they create great shots and also keep baby happy and at ease.


I just love photographing babies at this age and have been photographing babies from all over Sydney for many years.