Loving my Job

Photographing Newborn babies is such a wonderful experience I feel blessed to have this as my job what is it they say? Make your job your passion and you don’t have to work a day in your life Ha Ha! Well another reason that makes my job so special is what happened at this photo sitting. This beautiful baby is 5 weeks old and most newborn photo sittings are done from 5 days to 14 days, as this is when baby is the sleepiest and that makes it easier to pose and move.

This little ones mum was so upset as she was so busy with life that she did not even think about getting newborn photos done until baby was 4 weeks old and then booked in with me.

I can never guarantee that I will get sleepy shots for babies older than 2 weeks however have always taken this on as a challenge and been successful.

When we started this sitting baby was a little unsettled and I think mum was getting a worried that we would not get the shots she desperately wanted, I reminded her that her being upset would upset baby and make the shots harder to get.

Well as you can see Mum relaxed and so did baby, but what happened next was one of the reasons I Love being a newborn baby photographer, "Mum burst out crying with happiness" being able to see her beautiful baby girl posed into such a beautiful position and being so comfortable made our day.

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