Best Experience Ever

I am so excited!! in just over 1 hour I am off the the Gold Coast!! Yes thats exciting but it just gets better!

I am attending a Baby Photographers Summit, 3 whole days of more learning, networking and I'm sure a bit of fun!

Tonight - Welcome BBQ over 300 baby photographers Australia wide will be attending, I have made lots of Baby Photographer friends through social network but have not met many in person and now its happening!

The biggest Thank you to Kelly Brown , Garrett Hollis and Rob Brown for all your hard work and I am sure many sleepless nights for organising such a incredible event, Kelly Brown has been my inspiration for many years now and I would not be were I am today without her Thank You Kelly!

Saturday Day 1


SUE BRYCE - Maternity Posing !!!!!!

Sue Bryce is my most ever inspiring Los Angeles (previously NZ and AUZ) photographer she is a incredible teacher and you have to check out her work its breathtaking.

1.30 - 3.00


Steve has successfully mentored portrait studios all around Australia.

With several decades of invaluable experience, Steve Saporito has become Australia's most sought after Portrait Studio training consultant.

Originally an accountant, Steve's love of photography saw him seize the opportunity to purchase a portrait studio and embark on a new career. One studio soon expanded to become three, and Steve's career shifted again to training studio owners and employees using his highly successful systems.

3.30 - 5pm

ERIN HOSKINS Demonstration Class - Capturing personality and all the details

Erin Elizabeth Hoskins is a Perth based internationally award winning family photographer and one of Australia’s most recognised newborn photographers.

Sunday Day 2


Lighting Demonstration Natural v's Artificial - Live Maternity shoot (can not wait)

1.30 - 3.00

LUISA DUNN- Demonstration Class - Wrapping and using colour & texture

Luisa Dunn is a Brisbane-based portrait photographer specialising in the art of newborn and baby portraiture. Her gentle and timeless work has seen her win multiple awards at state and national levels, you just have to look at her work its just the most lovely colourful baby photography ever.

3.30 - 5.00

ANYA PONTI - How to create a thriving business

I have to be honest and I don't know anything about Anya but she is a photographer on the sunny coast (where I grew up) so I am very excited as I just love the title ;-)

Monday Day 3

11- 12.30

GARRETT HOLLIS- How to be found online

I also don't know much about Garrett but I do know that he does a lot of work for the wonderful Kelly Brown (organiser of this awesome event) and that is enough said for me to be chewing my fingers waiting to hear him speak!

1.30 - 3.00

RACHEL VANOVEN - Demonstration Class Photographing Newborns

Indianapolis Photographer that has beautiful work and I am really excited to meet her and learn some of her tips.

3.30 - 5pm

SUE BRYCE - Empower yourself

Yes I had to select Sue every chance I could and this is going to be worth listing to Sue you are my hero.

So I will be back with lots and lots of new learned skills Thursday 6th August and I forgot we are having a BBQ night, Forum night and Cocktail Party!!!!

Keep Smiling

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