Scarlett Grace & Heart Beads

Scarlett Grace is turning 1 next month and came into my studio today for a cake smash photo sitting and while she was here we took a couple of other photos.

This photo is Scarlett Grace with her very long string of Heart Beads, telling her very own story with lots and lots of procedures (every bead has a story, like the round red beads is for every blood test, the red and white block is for ECG, the smily face is for a good day, the purple square is for PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) and lots lots more, as you can see Scarlet is one incredible little girl with a remarkable story, when Scarlet's mummy Natasha was 12 weeks pregnant doctors realised there was a problem and conducted many tests to find out that Scarlet had cardiac problems.

During Natasha's pregnancy there were many doctors visits with lots of explaining to Natasha and husband Rod on what to expect.

The doctors explained that baby Scarlett would most likely have breathing problems at birth and would need surgery straight away and within 30 minutes of birth tiny Scarlet born at 36 weeks gestation and weighing only 2.6kg was to have her 1st heart surgery.

Scarlett Grace (Grace is from the Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care at The Children's Hospital at Westmead) had 4 heart surgeries by time she had come into my studio for her newborn photos at 6 weeks of age (photo below).

It is such a pleasure to see this little girl with such a wonderful loving family thrive.

Heart Beads

A Heartkids national project!

The Heart Beads Program originated in the Heart Centre for Children at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. The Heart Beads Program hopes to enrich the experience of heart kids & their families at children’s hospitals throughout Australia. Children are rewarded with distinctive beads specific to each procedure or treatment they receive.

The children feel a sense of achievement for their courage & the beads help them tell their story.

Each child’s beads are special & unique to them. The beads are a reward for all the hardships the children face in their hospital stay & the children look forward to receiving them. Children are able to trace their unique journey & tell their story through the beads. Both boys & girls enjoy the benefits of the program.

The beads help the children talk about their experiences & forge relationships with other children.

Below is a photo taken by me when she was 6 weeks of age.

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