Mia's Newborn Photography Sitting

February 2, 2016

Beautiful Mia was such a pleasure to photograph, she sure does love her beauty sleep! It really looks like its working for her because she is absolutely adorable. Mia particularly loved the baby shusher (hint mums and dads you can find them right here, they sure save you some zzzzzzz's). Newborn baby photography is a speciality here at Carole Diamond Photography Epping, we go weak at the knees for these little bundles of joy. Mia makes Newborn photography in sydney a joy.


Beautiful Mia


 The famous babyshusher, who would have thought a good nights sleep would look like this?


Tips and Tricks Today


Things to consider before your Newborn Baby Photography Sitting - 

  • To prop or not to prop? That is the... you get the idea! (If you like a more natural look we would suggest going light on the props, If you want something bright and fun props are ideal. Or mix it up! We have a comprehensive range of props and outfits to choose from, guaranteed to please any mum. Keep in mind the room colours of the room you will be displaying the photos.)

  • Capturing the loving bond (Having a baby is hard work, some of us don't feel our most beautiful at this time. However I have to say this is wrong wrong wrong. Photoshop is our friend and Photographers know how to get the best angles of the best features, and I can tell you now some of the most beautiful photos I have seen have been those that capture the complete adoring unconditional love between a mother and her baby)

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