Beautiful Wall Art - Sydney Newborn Photographer

Did you know that I have some of the most incredible wall art available? yes I do I have acrylic prints just like the photo below and my acrylics come with a 35 year guarantee and my prints and canvases have a 75 year guarantee.

The reason I decided to change my supplier is the guarantee as mainly photographing Newborns and Babies I feel that these babies deserve to have my photographs of them as a adult to show their children and grand children.

I still have a very small but very good quality photo of my late father who was around 3 years at the time of the photograph and if alive today he would be 91 years old this year so yes my most treasured photograph is 88 years old and due to being taken by a very good professional photographer using the very best papers and inks at the time, I am still lucky enough to have the original photograph.

I am pretty sure if they had of given my grandmother a digital image that I would never have know that this image ever existed so I do encourage everyone to get the best quality prints, canvas and acrylics that you can, yes they will be dearer than what you can get from chain stores but I can assure you that they will last 10 times longer than the cheap prints.

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