Sydney Baby Photographer | Daddy's Best Boy

Like all babies Jordan is very special to his parents, but Jordan is that bit extra special to his daddy, Jordan decided to arrive 3 1/2 weeks early just so he could continue the family tradition of being born on his fathers birthday! I know right, how special is that! 30 years and 30 minutes apart was Jordan and his father Ned, Ned's father was also born on his fathers birthday.

Now you would think that with little Jordan coming 3 1/2 weeks early this could be a problem, but Jordan has a 2 great loves, walks in the Pram and food, Jordan is thriving and is now 6 1/2 Kg at 3 months and wearing size 6-9 month in some of his clothes, wow Jordan you have come along. Jordan was the best little boy for his photographs and dont you think his smile is just the best!

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