My Daughters new family member

Sometimes it's hard to get your own family photos done as when we visit we are so busy catching up that a family photo rarely gets done, however when your family gets a new puppy it is a must to have a family photo sitting.

These photos are a few photos and I can not wait for their canvas to arrive, it will be great in years to come saying that was the first week we got Peanut yes this little guys name is Peanut, he is 12 weeks old when the photos were taken and was just so good staying in every pose I put him in and I really don't think he wanted to get out of the pram and truly loved being batman.

These photos are so special to me when you get your family photos taken don't forget that your Mum and Dad treasures your photos also.

I just love my family so much my daughter Jodie, son in law Jeremy, granddaughter Lily, grandson Dean and grandfurbaby Peanut.

Just a little story I now give my grandchildren money for birthdays and christmas as they are older and prefer to get what they want, anyway Jodie and Jeremy were discussing getting a new pup and Lily straight away said if we can I will put my christmas money towards buying him and that's just what she did, our Lily has the biggest heart, while Dean is also a awesome boy with the biggest heart, just loves Lego so much and decided to get more Lego, we play Lego together when I visit so I can not wait till next time.

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