Creative Maternity Photo's

I just love it when I receive a call asking for creative maternity photo's, Yasmina said just that.

As well as wanting creative Yasmina was wanting 2 maternity sittings one in studio and one on location, when we finished the first sitting in studio I asked Yasmina if she had thought about where she wanted the location sitting, well No was the answer so I asked had she ever thought about a early morning sunrise beach sitting?

Yasmina said YES that would be perfect so early Friday morning 5am we met at the beach for her sunrise maternity photo sitting, the weather was gorgeous and just perfect Yasmina decided to get into the water and said it was the best experience ever

here are some photos showing both sittings, I love them all and I hope you do as well, if you'r looking to be creative call me and we can discuss your sitting, I am up for challenges.

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