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Sutherland Shire Cake Smash Photo's


 Cake smash photo sittings are growing in popularity throughout Australia. We take a perfectly good cake and let your little one smash it, making a real mess! 

The end result is some truly special cake smash photo's for your little one's 1st birthday.


This would often be the first time your child has ever tasted cake and certainly the first time they are allowed to do whatever they want with it!


I know you will just love your cake smash photo's and will treasure these special memories always.


Sutherland Shire Cake Smash Photo's - Unique first birthday gifts


Cake smash photos are often used for first birthday party invitations or just to mark the special milestone. 

However cake smashes can be for any age, even adults love to do this.

Birthday cake smash photos are available in many different themes.  

If you are a little hesitant about your little one having cake, not to worry we can smash other things like fruit or spaghetti.


Yep, it's messy, don't worry I have the cutest little bathtub that we always use at the end and get some great splashing photos and baby gets all clean to go home. 


Smash cake for 1st birthdays are a lot of fun and with a canvas hanging on your little one's wall this will be a wonderful memory for them of the fun time they had on their 1st birthday.   It is so much fun to have a cake smash for a 1st birthday present, creating lasting memories. 


Bring your little one and come and have some fun with a cake smash for your baby's birthday.


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